Nutty Tarts / Tärähtäneet ämmät

are the designers behind the Hairy Underwear Collection and the owners of the Hairy Underwear Store. This Finnish art duo work between the areas of contemporary art and design by creating projects that makes a clear statement. Nutty Tarts have been working with issues within equality and minorities through interventions, performance, and social art. Their goal is to provoke the public to think and talk about suppressive norms, gender issues and the narrow idea about ideal beauty. This duos controversial, humorous and situational artwork leaves no-one cold. 


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Nutty Tarts / Tärähtäneet ämmät have been working together in Helsinki, Finland since year 2007. They have been exhibiting their work in New York City, Tokyo, Washington DC, Berlin, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo and Puerto Plata in Dominican republic.